Why Are Dita Sydney Sunglasses So Expensive?

Why Are Dita Sydney Sunglasses So Expensive

Why Are Dita Sydney Sunglasses So Expensive?

If you’re into fashion, you’ve probably heard of Dita sunglasses before. Even if you’re not into fashion, it’s unlikely that the knowledge of this brand has gone over your head. These glasses have garnered the reputation of being one of the most sought-after brands. They have become the favoured eyewear of the rich and famous. Their beauty and bold look are designed to stand out.

Besides their beauty, there is one other notable thing about these luxury glasses. They are costly. Just one unit could cost upwards of $4000. Now, the question is, why are Dita Sydney sunglasses so expensive?

Well, there are a lot of reasons, but it’s primarily due to production costs. These are so high that the company sells only a few hundred of these frames and barely breaks even. But high costs are necessary for the level of care that goes into these handmade glasses. The materials used to make them are high quality, and the techniques of making the frames are intricate. When you realize that, the cost of Dita Sydney sunglasses isn’t so surprising.

What Materials Are Used To Make Them?

With each these frames, you can be sure of the best quality materials for outstanding durability and comfort. They spare no expense in making their glasses, and they pride themselves on their attention to detail. Dita Sydney Sunglasses are made with luxury materials like titanium, white gold, and eighteen-carat gold. They also use the best Japanese acetate for superior quality.

You can rely on your Dita in Sydney frames like a trusted pet thanks to these materials. They will be with you for a long while, brightening your face and injecting class into every outfit.

How Are They Made?

Dita Sydney

Dita Sydney aims to break away from the norm of mechanized and generic manufacturing of frames. They believe in quality over quantity. And as such, all Dita Sydney Sunglasses are masterpieces of their right. These frames are handmade in Japan by artisans who boast fifty years of experience in the art. Crafting a single frame can take the input of as many as a hundred artisans and a span of eight months.

These craftsmen combine traditional and modern methods to achieve frames with vintage grace, yet the durability of the new. They accomplish this in a procedure that requires up to 320 steps.

Their master artisans use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for the technical aspects of designing the frame. CAD is the same costly technology used by architects and watchmakers in the intricate steps of creating edifices and timepieces. After this, the acetate frames are polished with a traditional bamboo process that gives a deeper, more refined feel.


All these steps require a lot of time and money, but the end justifies the means. The results of all these processes are Dita Sydney Sunglasses that embody the essence of luxury. A brand that can be relied on as the standard of eyewear. Yes, Dita Sydney sunglasses cost a lot, but these frames’ functionality, luxury, and quality make them truly…spectacular.

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