Top 3 Tips For Varicose Veins Treatment

Varicose Veins

Top 3 Tips For Varicose Veins Treatment

We have all seen varicose veins, usually on the older generation, your parents or grandparents. But what are some effective varicose veins treatments that can help them? If you, or a friend or relative are suffering from this condition, take look at some remedies below and be sure to mention them.


  1. Self-care

There are multiple varicose veins treatments out there but by far the easiest, and sometimes most effective, are those you can do in the comfort of your own home.

  • Exercise: Getting more exercise, whether this be running, walking or even swimming, will increase blood flow around your body and keep your heart healthy. Increased movement of your legs will help move the blood away from the affected areas.
  • Weight: Those who are obese, or overweight are more likely to suffer from symptoms. The extra load puts pressure on your heart and makes your circulatory system work harder, this puts extra strain on blood vessels, eventually weakening them.


Shedding the extra load will ease the pressure on blood vessels. While it won’t completely heal them, this varicose veins treatment can be very effective in reducing swelling in your legs.

Sufferers should also avoid foods that are high in sugary, caffeine and alcohol which disrupt blood flow and affect your heart. Healthy foods that can be tested as an alternative varicose veins treatment are berries, spicy food, or apple cider vinegar which all improve circulation and can move blood away from your legs.


  • Standing or sitting: Long periods of standing or sitting should be avoided. Along with helping with posture and stiffness, people should take a walk after about 50 minutes to aid blood circulation. Many complain about pains in their legs when sitting or standing for too long, so this should alleviate pain as well as reducing swelling in your legs.


  • Clothes: If you feel exercise isn’t helping and symptoms are persisting, compression stockings can also aid blood flow. These stockings may not be the most fashionable, but they can ensure your legs look better so you don’t have to worry about bulging blue blood vessels. As well as effective varicose veins treatment, compression stockings should also be worn on long haul journeys to avoid DVT, a more serious problem than that can cause blood clots.


  1. Tablets and Creams

A wide range of tablets and creams can be found in chemists nationwide which can act as temporary varicose veins treatments. Tablets, or creams applied to the affected area, can reduce itchiness and work to relieve the swelling on your legs. They can reduce symptoms and are very effective varicose veins treatment.


  1. Surgery

Surgery is obviously the last resort that anyone would want to go through. However, some of the most effective methods of pain relief from discomfort and itchiness is by going under the knife. Most varicose veins treatments don’t even require you to stay over-night. Some are just 15-30-minute procedures with little to no recovery time, while others will mean in-patient treatment and a few weeks of rest.

Surgeries can range from the laser, whereby a laser is moved over the affected area which will make the blood vessel disappear from the surface of the skin, to endoscopic surgery, during which a camera is inserted under the skin to close the arteries. These are then removed from under the skin through small incisions. This is one of the most effective varicose veins treatments.

If you do happen to suffer from this unsightly condition, test out some of the varicose veins treatments above and you should begin to see an improvement in the symptoms of this annoying condition.

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