Ten Countries with the Strictest Gun Laws in the World

Strictest Gun

Ten Countries with the Strictest Gun Laws in the World

North Korea

North Korea is the only nation that is purely Communist to date. North Korea accepts tourist from every other country except that of its enemies including the U.S and South Korea. Tourists do not have much freedom when they come to the nation, as they are assigned escorts to ensure no illegal activities against the regime takes place. Radio, TV, and print are controlled and censored by the administration. Internet access is monitored and availed only for the elite class. Non-marital sexual relationships are strictly prohibited ensured by the dating police of the nation. The regime has a strict fashion code of preventing women from wearing pants and enforcing men to cut their hair every 15 days.



social media

The nation of Iran’s governance is based on Sharia Law. Logging into social media platforms and displaying any negative statement against the government is met with severe consequences. Men can cut their hair only how it is prescribed in Islam; women are not allowed to go in public unless they adhere to specific dress codes such as covering the head in hijab. Western music and alcohol are highly discouraged.



Violence in Syria has exponentially increased over the years between rebels and the government. Mobile, land phone and internet communications are significantly limited. Foreign news correspondents are banned from entering the nation and are heavily monitored upon.



complete control

In this nation, the president and the government have complete control of the country’s media. Here nothing gets published without prior approval by the president’s office, religion is controlled, and public worship of God is prohibited.


Equatorial Guinea

Over here, people are discouraged from learning how to read and write. There no libraries or news-stands, little to no tourists as they are banned and the media are entirely controlled by the administration.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has strict religious rules. Social laws are stern on women, as they prevented from driving without a man and appear in public in casual clothes. Internet access is restricted, and the media is kept a close watch. Any negative or criticism about the government will lead to severe punishment.



Cuba is a communist country, and those who speak ill of it are met with trouble. The Internet is screened regularly, and writers who post negative comments and criticism are arrested and out in jail.



Being a pure communist nation, those who rebel and criticize against the government are silenced. It is a crime to instill western thought in the mind of the youth. Media is controlled, the internet is restricted, and nobody is allowed to discuss topics of reform, change, rebellion and specifically the Tiananmen Protests of 1989.



The hierarchy of authority is still prevalent in the majority of the households, structures, school, office, and workplace. Everyone gives respect for one who is higher than him or her. Everyone from CEO to low staff is expected to perform and excel their designations. Talking about World War 2 and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are strictly prohibited.



Although it may be a small nation, its government has a strict implementation of their rules and regulations on tourists and locals as well. Any wrong move will cost a fine. Spitting in public has a fine, smoking in public has a fine and even wearing the wrong dress could land you in jail.

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