Why Managers Must Embrace Annual Workplace Flu Vaccinations


Why Managers Must Embrace Annual Workplace Flu Vaccinations

Managers of companies big and small are in a privileged position to make key decisions that benefit the working environment.

Some operators see this responsibility as a burden and look to pass it off at every opportunity, but there are some practices that ensure everyone it properly looked after and can perform at their maximum.

This is  sourced through workplace flu vaccinations, an annual medical initiative that inoculates participants from the latest strain of flu right before it impacts the rest of the community.

Here we will discuss why professionals in the upper levels of a corporate hierarchy and in a position of authority should embrace these programs.


Great Business Practice

First and foremost a manager should be all about great business practice. From protecting the integrity of the workplace to improving safety, enhancing the brand and offering opportunity, workplace flu vaccinations are perfect initiatives for a boss to follow. When a brand can showcase to the rest of the community that they adhere to current guidelines and institute behaviours that improve healthy standards, others are likely to take their lead. This becomes an asset where employees are likely to gravitate to the business and other parties start to do likewise given their good practice model.


Controlled Setting

The great news about workplace flu vaccinations is that they are conducted on site as the business has full control of the process whilst working alongside the medical operators. Participants are given their injection and they are permitted to wait for a small length of time to see if they have an adverse reaction to the medicine. Most managers love nothing more than control and removing the possibility of any external elements impacting on their day. With the aid and assistance of experienced professionals on hand, this is a program that is controlled from the very first stages until the conclusion.


Boost in Productivity

Given the short timeframe that is involved with workplace flu vaccinations, participants can have their injection, wait for a short period of time, fill out a form and continue onwards with their day. There is no drop in productivity because no prolonged period of time has been taken for the task and they are protected from falling ill. Companies often won’t admit that they have individuals who are irreplaceable, but the absence of one of two key operators can see standards drop immediately. Why would managers want to take that risk when they can easily avoid it?


Taking Ownership and Responsibility Away From The Individual


It is a dereliction of duty for managers who shift the responsibility for receiving their inoculation away from themselves and onto employees. Workplace flu vaccinations are programs that are specifically designed to cater to all participants in a single controlled setting, bypassing the need for individuals to organise their own affairs. Employees are sanctioned and disciplined if they happen to pass the buck and don’t take their responsibility, so why would the standards be different from the perspective of the enterprise? By leading them down this path, workers could end up avoiding the exercise altogether because it is an inconvenience, increasing the risk of the spread of disease and defeating the entire purpose.


Savings On The Bottom Line

The accumulation of sick leave entitlements will far outweigh the investment into workplace flu vaccinations if the disease should spread beyond two or three participants. This is why managers will often venture on the side of caution and make that annual payment safe in the knowledge that is beats the alternative strategy of letting others pay for their own injection. As accountants and executives look for ways to maximise their cash flow it can be a frustrating endeavour, but that is the price of doing business and looking after the most valuable asset inside the organisation.


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