Benefits of Installing Solar When Selecting a Hot Water Cylinder System

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Benefits of Installing Solar When Selecting a Hot Water Cylinder System

Few household products see competition brands like The Cylinder Guy in the market for selling a new hot water cylinder.

The capacity for homeowners to access heated water on demand is one of the few domains where residents across the board rely on, so outlets that can meet these needs will naturally rank higher than their compatriots.

The choice will come down to three distinct options: natural gas, electric and solar.

In this setting, we will open up a discussion to outline what they latter should take preference.

It might be trending with domestic shoppers today, but we will look at why this is the case.


Free Energy Resource

Whereas electrical and natural gas products require generation from different outputs to work effectively, a solar hot water cylinder simply takes its energy from the sun. Should there be a power outage or a fault to generate heat from the gas system, then the entire model fails to function correctly. This requires diligence on behalf of the service provider and money to fix the issue, but all these solar panels require is access to the most natural resource of all – the sun. Even during periods of high cloud cover, these outlets are able to generate enough energy to power hot water access for days and weeks to come.


More Reliable Than Alternatives

Extensive surveys, reporting and pieces of analysis have been carried out by independent operators within hot water cylinder industry. They outline that the solar brands win on the count of reliability. The alternatives can buckle under sustained pressure if there is increased usage through sinks, showers and baths, as well as scheduled moments where the access is limited between certain windows of the day or night. This option on the other hand gives users 24/7 access – no matter the time of day, night, week, month or year.


Government Assisted Financial Aid

Australian residents who decide to go all in for a solar hot water cylinder will be supported by the government. Rebates have been crafted as these programs seek to alleviate the initial investment by homeowners and encourage others to make the switch away from natural gas and electric models. There will naturally be some doubt and reservation for shoppers who have been banking on their old gas or electric model for years and believe that a change could drastically change their use of hot water. Yet this push by public officials is the latest indication that there is community support and backing for this endeavour, so that initial financial figure for installation can be assisted.


Lower Household Carbon Footprint

The electrical heating of water makes up approximately 80% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that should give homeowners sober reflection when they are in the market for a brand new hot water cylinder. Combating climate change will take proactive action from all members of the global community and simply making a choice between natural gas or electric to solar is a straightforward option when picking these brands.


Industry With Future Innovation Prospects

Given the rate of expansion with the solar hot water cylinder for domestic homeowners, this is an investment that is sure to reap dividends for the long-term. Not only will it boost the value of the property when shoppers are in the market, but it will make the transition simpler. There are future proofing designs for electric and natural gas systems to assist with the switch to solar, but the smart money is to access an outlet early in the piece to leverage its technological qualities. Innovation into other water heating models have not improved at the same level and for investors seeking to be on the cutting edge, this is the only sound choice to make.



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