3 reasons why engineering internships are necessary for the aspiring student

3 reasons why engineering internships are necessary for the aspiring student

3 reasons why engineering internships are necessary for the aspiring student

Every year, thousands of students enter their final year of university related to STEM, all aspiring for a career in a good company. It is well known in these circles that an internship is necessary in order to secure a spot in a good company within these fields. Engineering internships offer a wealth of knowledge, resources, experience and connections for the aspiring student, and present a number of benefits in their undertaking. Engineering internships are offered twice a year on average by most companies, which can range from small businesses and startups to large corporations which are well established in their respective industries. For these reasons, thousands of students apply for these positions to not only grow their skillset and knowledge, but also to receive experience which looks great for a professional resume, to secure a career in these competitive fields. Those who do not pursue these position often are at a disadvantage once they graduate, and as such, can have a hard time finding employment post-graduation.

Here are 3 reasons why engineering internships are necessary for the aspiring student.


This is one of the biggest reasons why people pursue engineering internships. Experience is everything, as it allows you to take the theoretical knowledge you learn at university and apply it in a pragmatic way within a real world environment. There is no better way to learn than through work experience, and this is especially important in a STEM related industry. Furthermore, experience can be placed onto a resume, which shows you have your foot in the door of the industry and some knowledge of how it all works. As such, you are at an advantage when it comes to hiring, and you can secure yourself an employment place within a reputable company after your graduation through engineering internships.

Make connections

Engineering internships

Any professional has a vast list of connections, as connections equals opportunities. The more professional connections you have, the more likely you are to have opportunities presented to you. This could include employment opportunities, networking opportunities and so on. Networking is so vital for any professional, and engineering internships allow you to be exposed to a number of people who are involved in your industry. Engineering internships drop you in the environment you will be working in, and this way, you meet people from differing roles, all of which could be helpful in the future and create opportunities for you.

Exposure as to how it really works

For many industries, the way a real office works, and the environment is very different as to how it is taught at university, and no classroom can truly teach you how these things work. Engineering internships give you a true impression as to how these offices work and how the environment is, as you are dropped into a workplace and expected to perform alongside a team. Teamwork and coordination is everything in the business world, and engineering internships are necessary to teach you how different departments communicate and work together to achieve set business objectives.

Overall, engineering internships are necessary to be able to gain experience in the field you want to enter and to put it on your resume. Moreover, it helps you to create connections which could present opportunities in the future. Engineering internships also help to expose students to the realities of the environment and how an office works, to help build their teamwork skills and further their experience. All of this is essential to building a working professional within this industry, and will help you become a better, more qualified worker with a future in STEM.

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